Great Freedom is a social profit organization created for the benefit of all. Its vision is clarity for all. It is built on the participation, investment, innovative risk-taking, and entrepreneurial imagination and other characteristics that have always been so essential to organizations that serve the social good.

Donors to Great Freedom are ‘social investors’, a term that reflects all Great Freedom contributors who are willing and able to extend humanity’s great tradition of generosity. Great Freedom’s social investors seek and expect a return on their efforts, in the form of an increase in the greater good.

Is Great Freedom a non-profit organization
What contributions are used for
New projects
Dedicating contributions for a specific project
How to make a contribution

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Is Great Freedom a non-profit organization?
Yes, Great Freedom is recognized as a non-profit organization under the 501(c)(3) provision of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

What we are using contributions for:
  • Participation in Great Freedom is free of any cost. Everybody is welcome to join retreats and intensives, regardless of ability to contribute.
  • Media is produced by volunteers, as is the website and all other projects in Great Freedom.
  • All technical equipment used for the media production is donated by participants.
  • Centers for retreats and intensives are being established based on donations.

New projects:

  • High end broadcasting and media production
  • Fully interactive online training tools for diverse population groups
  • State of the art websites suited to diverse population groups
  • Archiving large volumes of teachings produced by Great Freedom
  • Fellowships for key people with lifelong commitment to teaching and writing
  • Buying and modernizing the Great Freedom Center in Sweden
  • Establishing Great Freedom Centers around the globe.

Can I dedicate my contribution for a specific project?

As Great Freedom management has the overall view of what's needed, all contributions go to Great Freedom directly and are then allocated towards the most current project or need.
If you would like to contribute to the Great Freedom Center in Sweden, click here for more information.

How to make a contribution:

1.  Paypal or Creditcards (Tutorial for using Credit Cards)
Monthly Subscription
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One-time Donations


2. Mail - send checks or money orders payable to Great Freedom to:
PO Box 933 Mill Valley, CA 94942 USA.

3. Direct deposit - to the Great Freedom bank account.
For account information, please contact

Your donation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Donors share their experience: